5 reasons to book Belize for a family trip

If you’re ready to up your family’s Spring Break game this year, be sure to consider Belize! In Belize you can experience kid-friendly jungle adventures, spectacular Mayan Ruins and rich local culture. And of course, amazing Caribbean beaches.

This combination of culture and action alongside warm weather and beautiful beaches makes it a perfect destination for a family Spring Break getaway!


Here are 5 good reasons to book Belize for a family trip that everyone in the family is sure to love!

#1. Easy access

Low-cost carrier Southwest Airlines offers non-stop flights into Belize City from several cities around the United States, along with non-stop flights from several other airlines. Flights typically arrive early afternoon, and from there it’s simple to connect via inexpensive domestic flights to San Pedro, Placencia or via road to my favorite jungle properties. There is no need to spend any time in Belize City, and it’s quick and easy to connect onward from your international arrival.

#2. The Jungle! 

For many of us, the jungle ecosystem is truly exotic. Sleeping under the jungle canopy, listening to howler monkeys and a symphony of birdlife is always a crowd pleaser. Kids will love learning about and seeing jungle animals in person.

When planning a family itinerary to Belize, I always begin with a few nights in the jungle, and then head to the beach.

Spend your days in the jungle staying active with river tubing, ziplining, hiking with a local guide and exploring the same jungle paths after dark to experience the nocturnal jungle life. My favorite jungle properties have extensive on-site gardens that thrive in the rich, fertile soil. Food is always fresh and local!

#3. Mayan Ruins 

We are so lucky to have access to well-preserved Mayan ruins throughout Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula and down into Belize and Guatemala. This is another opportunity to work a little history into your next family trip (like I did on my recent mother-son adventure in the area!)

There are several ruins in the jungles of Belize that are well worth a visit. However, if time and interest allows, be sure to consider popping across the border into Guatemala for a day trip to Tikal.

#4. Two Unique Beach Options (something for everyone)

After a few days of fun in the jungle, it’s time to hit the beach. Belize has 2 very different beach experiences.

San Pedro, the main town on Ambergris Caye, is home to the vast majority of accommodation options on the coast of Belize. Ambergris Caye is an island, and located very close to the reef, the Blue Hole and some of the best diving in the country. As a larger town, San Pedro offers many dining and entertainment options as well.

And then there is Placencia, located further south along the coast. Placencia is a much more quiet and sleepy compared to San Pedro and offers a more authentic opportunity to experience Belizean culture. Here we have a few lovely accommodation options for families, and what I believe to be the best beaches in the country.

placencia vs ambergris caye

A smaller community like Placencia is a great place to experience some of the vast array of unique food and flavors. Traditional dishes include Rice and Beans, Fry Jacks, Johnny Cakes, Stew Chicken, Gibnut, Escabeche, Tamales, Hudut, and Fish Sere.

#5. Belize is the only English Speaking Country in Central America!

Finally, Belize is the only English speaking country in Central America and the Belizean dollar is tied to the US dollar, making it super simple to travel around.  Belize (formerly British Honduras hence the ties to the English language), English remains the official language, but Kriol (Belizean Creole) is also widely spoken. Furthermore, Belize is a small country so it’s possible to enjoy short road transfers as well as quick and efficient “puddle jumper” scheduled flights around the country as well. Many of my families are pleasantly surprised by how easy traveling around Belize is.

If you’re looking for something a bit more adventurous that the usual Mexico or Caribbean family beach vacation, contact me now to chat about Belize and to begin customizing your family’s trip!

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