Communicating your child is allergic to nuts in Spanish

As the mother of a child with food allergies, I understand the concern many parents have when traveling to non-English speaking countries. Sometimes it can be difficult to clearly communicate to non-English speaking restaurant staff, guides and hotels about dietary requirements or food allergies.

As many of my clients travel to Mexico and Central America, I developed this handy Spanish translation page for some of the most common food allergies, including how to communicate that your child is allergic to nuts in Spanish. Print this and bring it along with you on your trip. If there is a concern or question and you’re having a hard time communicating with local staff that your child is allergic to nuts in Spanish, simply hand this to them and have them read the Spanish portion.


My child is allergic to all nuts, including peanuts, walnuts, almonds and pecans. My child is allergic to shellfish, including shrimp, mussels, clams and oysters.

Please can you ensure there is no cross-contamination while cooking and preparing the food.


Spanish translation:

Mi hijo/a es alérgico/a a todos los frutos secos, incluidos los cacahuetes, las nueces, las almendras y las nueces pecanas. Mi hijo/a es alérgico/a a los mariscos, incluidos camarones, mejillones, almejas y ostras.

Por favor, puede asegurarse de que no hay contaminación cruzada durante la cocción y la preparación de los alimentos.


Direct nut and common allergen translations:

Peanut = el mani, el cacahuete

Almond = la almendra

Nut (general) = la nuez

Walnut = el nogal

Pecan = la pacana

Shellfish = los mariscos

Wheat = el trigo

Dairy = el lacteo, lechero

Click here to download a PDF you can print and bring along on your travels.