Rancho Santana: The Best Nicaragua Pacific Coast Resort for Families

Nicaragua’s Pacific Coast is a hugely popular choice for my clients who are looking to explore somewhere a little different for their next family beach vacation. Here little rustic surf shacks line the coast, with a few wonderful new resorts sprinkled in between. It’s this absence of mass tourism combined with miles and miles of wide, beautiful, untouched beaches that is drawing families to Nicaragua in droves.

However, Nicaragua is still only emerging as a tourism destination and there just aren’t a whole lot of viable options for good places to stay along the country’s Pacific Coast. The still-developing, wild frontier vibe is certainly part of the destination’s appeal, but with only a few options it’s important to pick a resort that is going to be the best fit for your family.

Here’s why Rancho Santana is the best Nicaragua Pacific Coast resort for families, especially for larger family or multi-family groups.

Five Unique Beaches

The main reason to book a vacation at a Nicaragua Pacific Coast resort is to hit the beach – so let’s start by talking about the beaches!

Rancho Santana is home to five unique beaches. Each one has a unique feel, from the wide, expansive Playa Santana with a famous surf break right in front of the resort’s main pool and restaurant, to the charming Playa Rosado – the beach in front of the club house pool, exploring each and every one of these beaches is part of the fun!

Plenty of Accommodation Options

Rancho Santana offers large, luxury homes, a charming 17-room inn and some lovely, new villas and condo units with on Playa Santana. The villas are ideal for families. Including both 2- and 3-bedroom units, each bedroom has a private bathroom and all units have full kitchens.

However, as I’m working more and more with lager family groups, where the (grand)parents are traveling with grown children and their young families, the Inn offers a great option for grandparents or couples. Here, you have lovely, large traditional hotel rooms just steps away from the restaurant and pool. Both the Inn and the Villas are designed in a traditional Spanish style, with tile roofs and lots of warm, natural fibers and colors.  Having so many unique accommodations options is one of the most important reasons why Ranch Santana is the best Nicaragua Pacific Coast resort for families.

Kids club! 

So this is a new addition since I was there last. This is one of the only resorts in Nicaragua to have a full-on kids club, and it’s very reasonably priced with plenty to do. Here you can by day passes or opt for a “kids night out” pass, where kids have a fun night and you can grab dinner either at Rancho Santana or wander down the beach the Magnificent Rock for a fun, off-site dining experience.

Kids will also love riding horses on the property and learning to surf. (Here’s more about our experience learning to surf there a few years ago!)

So much to do…

There is plenty to do to keep everyone in the family busy. Surf lessons on site are a must. Also be sure to explore “the ranch” as it’s affectionately called, by horseback. Everyone the family will rest well each night after a fun day!

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