Best Resort for a Girls Getaway in Mexico

Increasingly, my clients are asking if I have the scoop on fun, easy and affordable girls getaways. And as a busy mom myself, I most certainly do have a few great options and love planning these incredibly important escapes.

My favorite resort for a girls getaway in Mexico is the new UNICO 20.87. This adults only property is located just north of Tulum in Mexico’s Riviera Maya. I recently had a chance to spend the weekend there, and here are just a few great reasons why this is my go-to destination for a fun girls getaway in Mexico.

Super fun atmosphere!

Most adults only properties in Mexico and the Caribbean are focused on romance. You’ll find lots of Honeymooners and couples traveling together. Not exactly the scene you’re looking for when it comes to a fun girls weekend.

I was thrilled to experience the fun pool scene at UNICO. Music played all day, gigantic blow-up flamingoes and other floats appeared in the pool, and laughing could be heard throughout the pool area. The swim up bar stayed full throughout the day, and the staff were all laughing, friendly and efficient. (Note: There is a quiet pool located at one end of the resort if this isn’t the scene you’re looking for.)

Amazing value for money

How amazing? Here you can book an hour massage for $36. Nice hey?!

UNICO offers a list of “included” spa services and excursions. You can download the complete list of included services here. As a guest of UNICO, you are eligible to book these at 20% of the market rate.

But be sure to book spa services at least a few weeks before arrival as the slots do book up fast.

Great size and location

Located between Playa del Carmen and Tulum along the Riviera Maya strip, the resort is easy to access but a bit removed from the packed beaches further north. The ocean here is very swimmable, the beach is lovely, and  there is still plenty of undeveloped land just to the north of the resort lending some welcome open, green space.

The size of the resort is also perfect. It’s not one of those places where you walk miles and miles for every meal. The pool is large enough for everyone, no need to reserve chairs before dawn. And at meal times, everyone heads to the main building where 3 of the 4 restaurants are located, along with a large bar area, which again gives the property a really fun, social atmosphere.

Chic Classic Mexican Design

The design and decor of the resort are focused on traditional Mexican and Mayan elements. From the necklaces worn by the ladies at reception, to the textiles hanging on the walls, to the art in the lobby, UNICO 20.87 does a fabulous job of creating a calm, relaxing setting that is truly, uniquely Mexican.

Interested in learning more about UNICO 20.87 or planning your own girls getaway to Mexico? Contact me to get started!