BVI Catamaran Charters

If you love the beach, enjoy staying active while on vacation, and are looking for something a little different than an all inclusive beach resort, BVI catamaran charters might be right for your family! For families with children who are confident swimmers, consider chartering a yacht in the Virgin Islands. 

charter a yacht in the bvi

Many travelers don’t even know this is an option. If you’re considering booking a boat in the Virgin Islands, here are a few things you need to know!

Understand the Difference Between All Inclusive and Bareboat Charter in the Virgin Islands

You can charter a catamaran two different ways; as a fully crewed, all-inclusive package, or as a bareboat. The all inclusive, BVI crewed yacht charter option is pretty straightforward. Everything is included. But with a bareboat option, you have a captain and cook, but all food, drink, extra water toys, mooring fees, and fuel are your responsibility on site. A bareboat charter can be several thousand dollars cheaper than a fully crewed catamaran. However, before booking a bareboat charter be sure to consider all the extras and weigh that in to the final price.

chartering a yacht in the bvi

Most BVI Catamaran Charters Have a Minimum of 5 Nights

Particularly during peak sailing season (February – April), most catamaran charters have a minimum of 5 nights. Anything less than that will tag on a “short term rental” surcharge. In some cases, companies charter their boats for 7 nights and that’s not negotiable.

Be Sure to Book a Few Nights in the Virgin Islands Before Boarding Boat

Plan to arrive a few days before boarding your BVI sailing vacation with kids, especially during North America’s winter months. This not only gives you a few days to unwind and adjust to “Island Time” before boarding the boat, but spending a few nights in the Virgin Islands ensures if there are any delays of your flight or your luggage you won’t miss any of your time on the boat.

So what do you think? Interested in learning more about chartering a yacht in the Virgin Islands? Please contact me to get started planning!

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