Cowboy Dinner in Sedona

The Western cowboy culture is impossible to miss when visiting Sedona. Reminders that this is the Wild West are all around. American flags everywhere, pickup trucks fill packing lots and horse and cattle populate the fields.

And one of the best ways to experience all of this first hand is to book a cowboy dinner in Sedona for your family!

We loved our dinner experience at the Blazin’ M Ranch. Located in Cottonwood, about 30 minutes outside of Sedona, the Blazin’ M Ranch is a small, family-owned cowboy western dining experience.

Priced at a very reasonable $40 or so per person (less for children and Seniors), the evening begins at 5pm. Upon arrival, you’ll have plenty of time to explore their “Western town, ” complete with a Saloon, jail, little shops, a shooting range and even one of those fun vintage photo shops. I mean, who can resist, right?!

cowboy dinner in sedona 2

Once you’ve had a chance to explore the town, be sure to wander over towards a few small historical buildings, lovingly recreated with antiques and a bit of explanation about the way of life here in the 1800’s. Learn about the life of the first miners in the area, the work of women back then, and how people first arrived and settled this land.

cowboy dinner in sedona

Dinner begins at 6:30pm sharp. With some explanation from a friendly MC and of course a pre-dinner prayer, you’ll be escorted table-by-table into the back to be served your meal on a traditional cowboy tin plate.

The meal was excellent! From the roasted chicken and ribs to the hearty sides of beans, coleslaw and biscuits, the meal was gobbled up by adults and kids alike! Most of us were too full to enjoy the apple crisp and vanilla ice cream, but reports were that this was also excellent.

After dinner, three talented performers, and a few special guests, took the stage to perform a set of Western classics.

After collecting our fabulous photo we headed home, happy and content. This is absolutely a worthwhile family excursion if you’re heading to Sedona for a family Spring Break!

Other Chuckwagon Dinners: While we didn’t actually do this, I’ve head the M Diamond Ranch also has a fabulous chuckwagon cowboy dinner in Sedona.

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