Day trip to Lake Apoyo Nicaragua (Laguna de Apoyo)

We almost ended up not visiting Lake Apoyo Nicaragua during our adventures in Central America last summer, and what a miss that would have been!

A lazy day at Lake Apoyo, or Laguna de Apoyo, was such a fun way to see a new side of Nicaragua while continuing to teach our kids about Central America’s geology.

Here’s what you need to know about a day trip to Lake Apoyo Nicaragua.

Getting to Laguna de Apoyo

We had a rental car, so simply followed Waze and were there in only about 20 minutes from Granada. Our destination was the Monkey Hut, but there are several resorts on the lake that offer day access.

day trip to lake apoyo nicaragua 2

Here is another helpful post from a fellow travel blogger about other ways, including by foot and bus, to get to Lake Apoyo.

Day access to the Monkey Hut is only $6 per person, and this includes use of their Kayaks, floating dock and beach area. The food here is amazingly cheap. Don’t miss having one of the pizzas from the charming stone pizza oven!

Things to do at Lake Apoyo

While traveling across Central America as a family, and particularly in Granada, we never really had a chance to relax and let the kids explore on their own. At Lake Apoyo, we were able to sit, relax and the kids could simply play at the beach, splash in the water and explore in the jungle that extends nearly to the lake shore. This area was very safe, and while we enjoyed a moment to relax the kids also loved the chance to check things out.

The monkey hut has life jackets available, so our youngest (who wasn’t a confident swimmer at that time) was able to wear one all day, ensuring safety and peace of mind.

day trip to lake apoyo nicaragua

We loved exploring the shoreline by kayak. While the kids were too small to control their own, we easily fit an adult and child into the kayaks here.

While we happened to be at Lake Apoyo on a cloudy, rainy day, the water in the lake is SO warm the gloomy day didn’t matter at all. Such a fun day! I’d highly recommend a visit to Lake Apoyo if you’re planning to be in Granada for a few days.