Fair Trade Mother’s Day Gift

So a little package of awesome arrived in the mail this week! I love these hand-made bracelets from my travel blogging friends over at Green Globe Travel, a perfect idea if you’re looking for a fair trade mother’s day gift.

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The colors of the beads and the metal charms are beautiful. Each bracelet is a strand of beautiful 10mm beads on stretchy bands designed to fit wrist sizes 6″ to 9″ (custom sizes are available). The Giraffe is a particular favorite, thanks to the beautiful designer-quality White Magnesite beads. Commonly known as “White Turquoise,” Magnesite has a creamy-white color with detailed dark to light brown veining, creating a pretty, porcelain-style appearance.

Wait, what is “fair trade” anyway?

The World Fair Trade Organization defines fair trade as “a trading partnership, based on dialogue, transparency, and respect, that seeks greater equity in international trade.” Fair Trade businesses always consider the social, economic, and environmental impact of their actions.

Of course keeping these important tenets in mind ensures better long-term sustainability, both for our business and for the artisans and co-ops that we do business with (most of which are in developing nations). This may involve paying  higher prices to exporters, as well as working to improve social and environmental standards. Moving your purchases from a big box, mass market retailer to a small, fair trade artesian helps make the world a better place by ensuring that the people who made them earn a decent wage that helps them support their families.

Why is a travel blogger getting into Fair Trade products?

When I asked theteam over at Green Global Travel why products and a fair trade shop was something they were getting in to, they toldme that Fair Trade was a natural fit for their site.

“One of the central themes of Ecotourism is that it should benefit local communities, and we always buy souvenirs from local artisans and co-ops when we travel. By buying products from Fair Trade-certified exporters or buying directly from producers when we travel, we can ensure that local artists and craftsmen earn a fair wage for their work. When you buy from us, you’re helping in 3 different ways– you’re paying local artisans in developing nations a fair wage for their work, you’re funding conservation efforts.” Bret and Mary @ Green Global Travel

Thinking this is the perfect Mother’s Day gift? I have a unique discount codes for you, valid from April 22nd through Mother’s Day, May 8. These codes are good for 10% off your entire order PLUS you also get Free Shipping in the domestic US if your order is $50+ after discount is applied. 

Order at the online shop here and use discount code: FAMILYTRAVEL10

What are your favorite fair trade gifts? Leave me a comment to let me know!

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