Organic fun for kids at Nicaragua’s best Ecolodge

I’ve gone nearly 40 years of life without ever having milked a cow or picked a fresh egg from a chicken coop. Now, thanks to Nicaragua’s best ecolodge, Morgan’s Rock, your children can have this important experience way earlier than I did!

Morgan’s Rock in Nicaragua is one of my favorite properties for families (anywhere in the world!) for a number of reasons. I love their 2-bedroom accommodations, the massive private beach is safe and fun for kids of all ages, the service is amazing, and here you really have a chance to experience ¬†Nicaragua as a destination (not merely just the walls of a sanitized resort).

One of the things that make a stay at Morgan’s Rock so special is their on-propety organic farm and garden. While not all food that is served at the resort is generated from the farm, everything that is from the farm is served and used at the resort. The rich, volcanic soil is ideal for growing all kinds of fruits and veggies, and a team works the garden to ensure a year-round harvest.

I always recommend to my clients the “breakfast on the farm” experience at least one time, and preferably early, during a stay at Morgan’s Rock. It is an impressive experience for both kids and adults! Here’s why;

Your guide brings this working farm to life

From the minute you hop into the back of the truck and head away from the main lodge to the working farm, your guide will begin telling you about the farm’s history and what it takes to run successfully today.

Upon arrival, he will show you the general area and introduce you to some of the key people on site. I was immediately struck by how clean and orderly the entire farm sounds and buildings are. As always, having a well educated and well spoken guide helps make for a great experience, and the guides at Morgan’s Rock are fabulous.


First up, milking a cow! As I admitted earlier, this was a first for me and the experience certainly left a lasting impression.

The mother cow is brought out together with her baby who nurses a bit to let the milk down. Then, they tie the two together while everyone takes turns milking the cow before the baby finishes the job. This milk is pasteurized and used on property as milk and also as cheese. There is a particular style of cheese they make on site, similar to a Haloumi-style cheese.

Here, the cattle have ample room to graze during the day, and a large, safe area to stay in the evenings. These are for sure happy cows who produce happy milk!


Next, head into the chicken coop. Here, chickens are separated by age, with some only a few days old, all the way up to the older, egg-laying hens. Again, I was struck by how clean and tidy this area was (given the number of chickens!).

Grab an egg or two, still warm, and give them to the chef to begin preparing for your breakfast!


You’ll notice several dishes that feature duck on the menu, and in recently months their duck population has been thriving. Our guide very sweetly said, “the chef simply makes a call and they bring him what he needs.” The food here is, literally, ¬†as fresh as it gets. (And the duck tacos down at the beach are fantastic!)


Finally, it’s time to to head into the outdoor kitchen to help prepare the morning meal. You’ll meet the chef who then instructs everyone how to make traditional Nicaraguan tortillas. These are a bit different from tortillas you may have had in Mexico and certainly different from what we can get in the U.S. They are a bit thicker, and cooked over an open fire on a large pan.

The art of a perfect Nicaraguan tortilla is in the “flattening and rotating” motion. As we dined, it was clear which ones we made and which ones were crafted by the professional!

And of course no breakfast would be complete without a cup of perfect Central American coffee. The coffee in Panama, Costa Rica and Nicaragua is simply fabulous!

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