New Denver Travel Agency in Cherry Creek!

As many of you know, A Family Travel Blog has a new home at the hottest new storefront Denver travel agency in the Cherry Creek neighborhood. I’m excited to share a few photos of this mid-century modern space with you (think Pan Am in it’s heyday)!

But first – let me take a step back just to put how cool this is into perspective. Over the past 15 years, travel agencies (and travel companies in general) have completely evolved. In the early 2000’s, many travelers began booking travel online. All of a sudden it as was easy to book flights and hotels on sites like Expedia and direct with airlines and hotels, so that’s what travelers did. And the traditional travel agent rode off into the sunset.

I personally lived through this rapid transition while working in the travel industry. During this time I helped tourist boards, tour operators, luxury hotels and safari companies manage new strategies to market and sell their experiences as travel agents all but disappeared.

So fast forward about 10 – 15 years. Over the past few years, the travel agent has made a comeback. The comeback of travel agents has been all over the news, like this NBC report (“…online booking, is like, so ’90’s”… ha ha!), this Wall Street Journal report, and of course our friends at Virtuoso, who obsessively track these kinds of trends.

Today, there is TOO MUCH information on the web. After curating and creating family travel content on this site for years, I found myself in a unique position to design custom travel experiences for families across North America.

The vast majority of my new clients find me via the content here on A Family Travel Blog. Every single day, I get calls from frazzled Moms who have spent hours and hours researching online, desperate to plan a wonderful family vacation but completely overwhelmed by the information and options out there. And so, by combining two decades of travel industry experience, knowledge and relationships, here I am as one of the travel industry’s new breed of travel agents serving a rapidly growing number of families who are eager to create treasured memories together.

This storefront space, branded Tafari (which means awe-inspiring) is home to a team of experienced, professional travel designers like myself, each with our own unique brand and specialty focus. If you are planning family trip to Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America or an African safari (!) I’m your gal. There will also be experts in river cruising, European city breaks, and a range of other specialities on site as well.

So, if you happen to be in Cherry Creek North, please swing by 2626 E 3rd Ave (3rd Ave between Columbine and Clayton Streets) for a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and see for yourself what’s happening at the hottest new Denver travel agency! And don’t miss our fabulous, full-wall artwork, imported from Cape Town, South Africa and impressive collection of vintage travel magazines, some with articles penned by famous authors like Steinbeck and Kerouac.

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