Numinous Anti Theft Backpack Review

While I wouldn’t exactly consider my family “backpackers,” on our recent trip to Central America we opted to live out of backpacks for one month.

numinous anti slash pack review

We were covering a lot of ground on our Central America itinerary, moving every night or two and knew we didn’t want to be bogged down with heavy luggage. So, we went backpack shopping, and this looked a bit different than it did when I was a college student backpacking through Europe!

In the end we ended up with the perfect set up for our family adventure. Streamlined, easy to carry and heavy duty.

We had two complete sets of the Numinous Packs from Earth Easy. Each set included a 55L large pack, and a 25L daypack. The day pack straps on to the larger pack so you can walk with everything at once.

I hope this Numinous Anti Theft Backpack Review will illustrate why these were the perfect packs for family travel in Central America.

Safe and Secure

The main benefit of the Numinous packs is that they are slash resistant. This means if someone sticks a knife into the bag with the intention of slashing the fabric to get in, they won’t be able to do so.

In addition to this durable fabric, the packs also feature two unique locking systems, and include incredibly durable zippers. It’s impossible for someone to get into these packs by slashing the fabric or manipulating the zipper to open thanks to the unique anti-slash fabric and unique zipper construction.

numinous anti slash pack review

The locks are also unique. You set a unique code and have the ability to lock all zippers by pushing the zipper handles into the lock mechanism. Additionally, you can pull out a line to actually affix your pack to a pole (like a bed stand, railing, or even tree at the beach like we did!)

anti theft pack review

Comfortable and Convenient Features

Next, in addition to the safety and security features, these packs are also constructed with some clever comfort features in mind.

I appreciated the back padding is strong and comfortable for extended wear, the back straps are fully customizable, so certainly worth toying with before you travel to ensure you have the best fit, and there are plenty of clips to ensure you don’t have any lose straps flying around. Throw in a belay clip or two so you can affix external bags to your pack as you travel around.

There are plenty of pockets so you can stay organized, and I found the computer case in the 25L day pack to be perfect for my laptop as well as my iPad and phone.

Finally, I love that the backpack straps can be completely zippered into the back of the pack so when you’re checking these bags for a flight there aren’t messy straps flying all around.

Large Enough to Carry Everything the Family Needed

We used two of the 55L packs for a one-month trip in Central America for our family of 4. While we certainly had to consider every item we packed and worked hard to make the most of the space we had, this was plenty of room for a family of four heading to a tropical climate. There is also a 65L version if you will need more space. 

The main compartment offers plenty of room for clothes. While there are straps to keep things organized, we had too much stuff and they didn’t go all the way around, however it wasn’t a big deal. Being a backpack, when you zipper the bag and stand it on end, there is always room to stuff a few more things into the top.

The topside of the bag features a stretch pocket and a few zipper pockets for jewelry or other small items. Overall, this pack was perfect for what we needed for one month on the road. I think the 65L pack would have been a bit too heavy to carry as comfortably as we carried and lived out of the 55L pack on the road.

Day Parks are Equally Important

One of the best parts of buying a pack “system” is that the daypacks strap on to the main packs. So in the event you’re carrying everything all at once, it’s easy and hands free.

When I was a kid in Europe, I remember having one pack on the back and one on the front. This is a thing of the past with the Numinous pack system.

We tested two versions of the daypack, and the latest version is far superior. With a padded laptop pocket at the back, and a spacious compartment for clothes, cords and other carry on essentials, the daypack has everything I need.

Both the day pack and the larger 55L pack include side and front pockets made out of stretchy fabric that is ideal for stuffing things into while you’re on the go. And you can be sure they will stay safe and secure.

Because these are hand made in London, it sounds like they are still refining some of the production processes. The internal mesh pocket on both of the daypacks and the 55L packs we tested tore with only slight use. My advice would be to purchase packing cubes and use smaller size cubes for the items you’d put in these mesh pockets. Avoid using these and you shouldn’t have any problems with the mesh pockets tearing.

NOTE: Currently the only distributor of these packs in the USA is a company called This family-owned company has excellent customer service and are super knowledgeable about the products. Do give them a call if you have any questions!

Did you find this anti theft backpack review helpful? What packs have you used for worldwide family travel?

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